DSG wins at VDW Awards

Nominated four times, »The PEN Story« wins outright in two categories


The VDW Awards of 2009 took place in Frankfurt on Friday last. The Society of German Advertising Film Producers (VDW e.V) makes awards each year to honour Advertising Industry videos that attain the highest levels of quality and artistic interpretation.


A jury composed of over 100 experts from the industry and world of advertising had to choose between many video submissions. These animated clips comprised not only TV-spots and cinema but also viral spots, mobile telephone clips and Internet films.


»The PEN Story« video, conceived and produced by DSG to coincide with the 50th Anniversary was nominated in four seperate categories and won two »Hattos« (a baton-shaped award representing teamwork and named after founder of the VDW Awatrds, Hatto Kurtenbach): In the category Animation/Cartoon the »stop-motion-technique« convinced the jury. Production House BIGFISH under the direction of Peter Goeltenboth and Florian Giefer had assembled the clip using 1800 of the 60000 photographs that were shot in the process of making the clip.

Hamburg, 27. October 2009