DSG wins London Award and Davey Award

DSG wins Bronze and Gold for Olympus


The complex Stop-Motion-Clip, »The PEN Story« devised by DSG for the Olympus PEN Camera has now been awarded two VDW Awards, a bronze at the London International Awards and a gold at the Davey Awards in New York.


The London International Awards were founded in 1986 and each year reward works from the worlds of advertising, interactive media and design. This year a total of 13117 works were submitted from 78 countries.


A jury of 30 members composed of industry experts from various agencies evaluated selected the winners in the digital category from the large number of entries. »The PEN Story« was a convincing winner.


»The PEN Story« also scored a significant victory by winning gold in New York at the Davey Awards which were held at the end of October. Under the strapline »Small Firms. Big Ideas«, relatively low-budget but innovative concepts were given an opportunity to compete in a David and Goliath scenario with the big boys.


The International Academy of Visual Arts, which is a membership-based organisation located in Hollywood, provided the members of the jury. Members of the Academy include high-profile executives from international media, advertising and marketing organisations such as Yahoo!, HBO, MTV, Myspace, Estee Lauder and Ralph Lauren. The jury was required to evaluate about 4000 entries submitted by advertising and interactive agencies, production companies and graphic designers.


Bigfish, the Berlin based film production company, uses an emotional storyboard technique to visualise highlights in the life of a man beginning in the 1950’s up to the present day.


Love of tradition and a passion for photography is clearly manifest in this complex and elaborate Spot. Over 60,000 shots were taken, a selection of 9600 prints were deveoped and 1800 pictures were finally selected for inclusion in the video. Pictures were physically laid out in carefully chosen order and made into the film using handmade animation techniques, and can now be seen on YouTube.

Hamburg, 11. November 2009