The OBI Hammer Juggler

OBI, the DIY giant, advertises with this viral and establishes a significant example of a future classic


The viral "Hammer Juggler" launched the "OBI Hammer Autumn" campaign and lifts it to classic status on the web with more chattering interest than a traditional TV, print or radio advertising would ever have been capable.

The film was placed on the web between two TV-flights. He had the following tasks:

  • Prepare the viewer for the second classic phase and trigger a quest for more information about the "Autumn Hammer"
  • Re-arouse viewer interest and maintain reactionto the "Autumn Hammer"
  • Promote vigorous debate which will lead to further distribution
The results: The OBI Hammer Juggler was clicked and viewed about 8 million times. In addition, television channel PRO 7 visited DSG and produced an article confirming the authenticity of the viral.