Martin Dräger (DSG) and Nils Andres (BSI) interviewed by W&V Media

Viral Marketing: Hosting the life of the customer


W&V Media interviews in current edition 5/2009, Martin Dräger, CEO DSG, and Nils Andres, CEO BSI (Brand Science Institute) on current developments in the Viral Marketing and Social Media Marketing sector.


In the interview, W&V Media asks the vital question concerning the current importance occupied in the business world of Media and Enterprise, what success factors are crucial to successful Viral Marketing campaigns and how consumers with higher purchasing power can be reached by this form of advertising, not only »web junkies«.


Both experts explain that the success of a viral marketing campaign depends on far more than just a funny clip that will be shared on the Internet. The current study »Emotions in Viral-Videos«, which Brand Science Institute (BSI) has developed in collaboration with DSG, confirms this conclusion. Videos must contain more emotions than just humour, such as fear, resentment or scorn since their inclusion is a significant impulse in generating further sharing.


The full length interview can be downloaded here in PDF format.

Hamburg, 01. May 2009