Christian Wilfer interviewed by »Direkt Marketing«

Twitter Visions: a perspective dialogue with 140 characters?!


»Direct Marketing«, the specialist magazine devoted to modern Direct and Dialogue Marketing techniques, in the current issue 05/09 May examines issues that readers face on if and how microblogging services such as Twitter offer realistic opportunities in marketing, distribution and service sectors.


Short messaging services (SMS) allows the connected user to formulate text messages known as »Tweets« with a maximum of 140 characters and send these to other users. This service functions on the basis of allowing users to follow Tweets by subscribing to the service which provides the updates or indeed follow Tweets from other users. In this way standard Tweets can be openly published to all connected users, restricted by use of the @ character to that individual only or can be sent as a private message direct to a specific user.


This service – SMS – is far from new but in comparison with the USA, the size of German Twitter market is still relatively easy to enumerate and therefore as a means of corporate communication it is difficult to generate an appropriate cachement audience. In spite of this SMS would appear to be growing in significance for more and more dialogue marketeers and offers even more customer potential than previously thought. Therefore according to Christian Wilfer, Head of Client Advisory Services and Strategy at DSG, conventional marketing approaches must be rethought under the dictum: »Twitter offers real dialogue – in real time.«


The full article in Direkt Marketing REPORT can be downloaded here.

Hamburg, 11. May 2009